Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Casey Smith, 2009 Junior Leader of the Year, Dixie Section of the PGA of America

Congratulations Casey Smith for being selected 2009 Junior Leader of the Year for the Dixie Section of the Professional Golfers' Association of America! His loving and supportive wife Mandy proudly said, "He beat out golf professionals from all over Alabama and the Florida panhandle."

Here is a note Carol I and received today from Casey's mentor, PGA professional Butch Byrd: "Casey was the real star of yesterday’s meeting in Montgomery. When the President presented his plaque as Section Junior Golf Leader, Casey told the story of the young woman whom he had been working with – a very moving story! Then he publicly thanked his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Mandy and his parents for everything meaningful in his life. You would have been so proud of him as I was as he confidently walked forward to receive his honor. He is a special young man and I was blessed to have him with me for 8 months years ago!"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010: The vows Go Unbroken

My valentine messages to Carol this year can be summed up with quote from former Prime Minister of Great Britain Winston Churchill and a poem.

Someone asked Mr. Churchill just a short while before he died, "If you could live your life again, what would you want to be?" Mr. Churchill replied with a twinkle in his eye, "If I could live a second lifetime, I would want to be Mrs. Churchill's second husband." And my wish would be Carol's second husband if I could live my life life again.

Another Valentine's message to Carol is found in the words of the poem Final Proof by Archibald Rutledge:

"I do not need some tremendous miracle to give me faith in God:
A violet would do, or a spire or goldenrod, or a daisy or two.
But if I had to have a magic and a wonder, to rend my doubts assunder,
To prove God true -- it would be you!"

Happy valentine's Day!

Love always,


Joan & Marion Smith from Buddy Smith on Vimeo.