Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ten Things I am Thankful For This Thanksgiving

By Buddy Smith - with credit to my friend and pro-family leader, Linda Harvey, of Mission America for most of these
10. I am grateful for America’s abundance, which I hope never to take for granted. It’s not just Thanksgiving dinners, comfortable homes and material blessings. It’s her capitalism, the development of minds, hearts and ambition; freedom to be an entrepreneur, to be born in a slum and rise to become head of your company. It’s the spirit of enterprise combined with generosity that has made America great. I thank God that people are now alert to the threat of Marxism and determined to stop its takeover of America.

9. I am thankful for clean water, hot and cold; for sewer systems and sanitation. I am thankful for living in a community still at peace, without riots, barricades, police raids, roaming gangs. Our experience with this in America is relatively small; I pray that does not change. So much of the world lacks the basic comforts and stability we take for granted here.

8. I am grateful for the Tea Party and town hall people, for Americans who are rising up to speak and act lawfully against leftist corruption. We will prevail, in some fashion. I still believe that in the end, Americans will do what’s right.

7. I am grateful for being able to be a part of the pro-family, conservative movement. Selfishly, I cherish the wonderful friendships, the growth in discernment and discipline, which have reformed my scattered and impulsive ways. I thank God for challenging me to think in grander and more important terms than my comfortable little life. I deeply appreciate the pro-family warriors and alternative conservative media outlets, big and small organizations with dedicated professionals who toil with little material reward against great odds to hold back the tide of decadence and liberal fascism that threatens America. I believe that we will prevail, because we are doing the right thing.

6. For the blessings of good health and of being “fearfully and wonderfully made,” I praise God every day. For the availability in America of the world’s best health care, I thank Him. I also pray that the impersonal, unresponsive, wasteful and intrusive federal government does not become my family’s “physician.” I pray that America can dodge this very real bullet and that left-wing irresponsibility does not jeopardize the health and well-being of all.

5. I thank God for America’s national security, for all those known and unknown civilian and military professionals who work to secure our freedom every day, here and abroad, to protect us from enemies, declared and hidden. I am humbled when I understand the sacrifices, and deeply concerned about little children taught to defiantly refuse to pledge allegiance to our flag. God have mercy on these people and preserve us from this ignorance, replacing it with attitudes of honor and respect.

4. I am thankful for churches that still preach the Word of God, that “lift high the cross,” that have not bowed the knee to Baal, nor to strange man-made traditions, nor to the gods of self-help and therapy. I want to be taught every Sunday that it’s not all about me, that Jesus Christ was and always will be the central message.

3. For family, I am humbly and eternally grateful. For my parents and grandparents who gave me the greatest gift; a Christian home. My prayer is that my children and grandchildren will experience that advantage. I cherish the awesome privilege of being a father and a grandfather. I thank Him for my dear children and grandchildren all the love and laughter they have brought to my life. And for my amazing wife, Carol, I praise God every day. For her faith in God, for her devotion to our family, for her strong character, for her encouragement, patience, affection, loyalty and fun-loving personality, I cannot sing enough praises. I am truly a blessed man.

2. When I think about how far astray we humans so easily wander, I am humbled by the privilege of reading God’s Word every day. The Bible is such a magnificent gift to humanity. To think that God would have preserved and protected His revelation to us in such a practical form, is one more testimony to His greatness, power and love.

1. Above all, I am grateful for my savior, Jesus Christ, who sacrificed Himself on the cross for my sins and those of all who will come before Him. Then, showing Himself to be our eternal God and Creator, He rose from the grave and sent His Holy Spirit to live in the hearts of believers. Before this unfathomable truth, all other blessings pale. Thank you, Jesus, for being the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Who is and was and is to come!