Saturday, August 08, 2009

Rev. Cecil Williamson - evangel of good news!

I love this man and am eternally grateful to him for bringing me the Good News! Rev. Cecil Williamson is a dear friend and the preacher God used to bring me to salvation in 1970 while I was attending Holmes Junior College. He performed our wedding ceremony in 1972 and has shared in the baptisms and wedding ceremonies of our children. Carol and I traveled with Cecil for 15 months in his ministry of evangelism between our college and seminary days. Today, at 78, he and his wife Julie remain on the front lines of spreading the Gospel through their leadership of Christian World Missions -

Cecil preached an excellent sermon at the Homecoming service this past Sunday at Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church. Watch and listen to his message and send him an encouraging e-mail message today -

Rev. Cecil Williamson from Buddy Smith on Vimeo.