Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hope and Healing for those caught in the trap of homosexuality

At a recent gathering of the 2009 Mississippi Annual Conference in Jackson, Renee Sappington and Dr. Connie Campbell were given a platform to present glowing testimonies about the beauty and innocence of their homosexual lifestyles and partnership. UPDATE: Article from The Clarion Ledger - Lesbians' testimony shows church rift.

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These testimonies are an assault on biblical truth about human sexuality and a shameless promotion of homosexual “marriage” that went unchallenged during a worship service at the recent state-wide gathering in Jackson. There were young people present when these members of Parkway Hills United Methodist Church were given a platform to promote a lifestyle that the Bible clearly condemns as sinful behavior. The presenters even openly said that sometimes the church doesn't speak for God. In other words, the United Methodist Church has it wrong about homosexuality. Dr. Connie Campbell is professor of mathematics at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi.

Please join me in praying for Renee Sappington and Dr. Connie Campbell. We (the church) have an obligation to share God’s liberating truth and hope for change with these women who are caught in the trap of homosexuality.

Please join me in praying that Bishop Hope Ward and the leaders of our Mississippi Annual Conference will refute the pro-lesbian testimonies and reaffirm the official position of our church about human sexuality and marriage.

The good news is that those caught in the trap of same-gender attraction can be changed through the redemptive power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sue Bowlin in her excellent article – Can Homosexuals Change? – offers these biblical steps to overcoming homosexuality.
The steps to overcoming homosexuality also apply to overcoming any stronghold.

First, the person has to stop the sinful behavior. It's best to ask for God's help. This is no different from the requirement for any drug or alcohol abuse treatment. You can't work on a problem when you're still totally controlled by it.

The second step is to work on learning what the Bible says about who you are in Christ. Just as people learning to identify counterfeit money examine real currency so they can spot the fakes, the struggler needs to fill his mind with God's Word so he can enter into his true identity as a beloved, valuable child of God.

The third step is working on the thought life, since this is where the battle is. It's important to identify Satan's lies playing as tapes in one's head, and stop the tape player! Then, deliberately replace the lies with the truth. Instead of "I'm never going to change," repeat the truthful promise that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Phil. 4:13). Instead of obsessing over the aching and longing for the unhealthy and sinful behavior, fill your mind with praise and worship and Scripture.

Next, face the fact that it feels lousy! When we stop trying to meet our needs in our own ways, we start experiencing the emotional pain that our strongholds had covered up. When it feels really really bad, we are at that very point where God can make the biggest difference. Ask, What is my true need? What is it my heart is truly longing for? Go to Jesus and let Him meet your deepest heart-needs. Let Him direct you to get your divinely-designed needs for relationship with other people met in godly ways.

This is where powerful healing happens.
Additional Resources for Hope and Healing


Lanie said...

Thanks, Buddy, for standing in the truth of God's Word on this. The Bishop has called for an open dialogue on this matter the first of July. We'll see...

Unknown said...

Yours is a vital witness right now, Buddy, to this confused church, these two women in rebellion, and to an audience that was deceived. Thank you for standing for truth.

R.S. Andress said...

Wow, two United Methodist gave their personal testimony without having it approved by Buddy and the AFA. How can the UMC survive peole expressing their own journey of faith. Will no one take steps to stop this blatant appeal to educate and inform?