Friday, October 13, 2006

My Mom & Dad on WTVA's "The Traveler"

I called my Mom and Dad, Joan and Marion Smith, on the way home from the office on Wednesday and Dad made some unusual comment about "how it must have been a slow news day." I questioned him about the comment and he told me that Tupelo's NBC television affiliate, WTVA, had come by the their house and done an interview about his backyard museum which he named Poppas Country. WTVA does a weekly segment on their Thursday editions of their newscasts where they spotlight a town in their viewing area. This was the week for my hometown of Ackerman, Missississippi, and apparently someone at City Hall sent them to see Mom and Dad.

Dad is not threatened by a TV camera and is a natural entertainer so this was a no big deal for him. On the contrary, my Mom is different story. She told me that they caught her "on the way from the butter bean patch" and put her on camera. She sounded profoundly bothered by the intrusion but hoped that she came across okay which she did.

Please take a look and listen and send my Dad and Mom a note. I'm sure that they would love to hear from you -

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