Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thank you Ray Rooney!

Joyful Noise Quartet at Wesley UMC
Joyful Noise Quartet had a great time in the presence of the Lord on Sunday with my dear friend and pastor of Wesley United Methodist Church, Raymond Rooney. We thank God for this humble yet bold servant of Christ and have been greatly encouraged to keep on singing after reading the following article he wrote in Wesley's weekly newsletter. Thank you, Ray!

If you missed the Sunday evening celebration of Jesus Christ led by the Joyful Noise Quartet in our church you missed an hour of truly significant inspiration. I’ve seen a lot of Christian concerts and the truth is a good many of the singers/musicians are performing rather than leading in worship. The emphasis seems to be on “look how talented I am” rather than “Isn’t He wonderful?”

That wasn’t the case Sunday night. The individual talent of the four singers was obvious but it never seemed to me to be point of the presentation. I never lost track that Jesus Christ was being honored and worshipped. And what do you know? I found myself rejuvenated and reminded. Rejuvenated in that I tasted once again the excitement of being a Christian and reminded that unapologetic boldness for Jesus is a good thing. READ MORE

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