Sunday, July 01, 2007

T-ball 07

Casey Joe Fowler, our four-year-old grandson, has just completed his second season of T-ball. The photos in the slide show were taken last Thursday at his last game of the season. We are amazed at how far he has come with his game over these two short seasons. For example, he took off to third base after his first hit of last season and returned to the dugout from the outfield half way through the first inning to declare that he was hot and needed water and rest.

His Grammy and I have played a lot of yard ball since that first game. He and his brother, Weston, live next door so this means lots of ball practice. I've enjoyed challenging him with the little phrase "knock the cover off the ball, buddy" when he bats at yard ball. During his final T-ball game of the season, he walked passed me standing by the fence on his way to bat and asked, "you want me to knock the cover off of it, Grandy?" I said, "you bet, buddy" and he quickly responded with a thumbs up, stepped up to the plate and hit a triple.

Way to go, Casey Joe! Grammy and Grandy are very proud of you!

His Mom and Dad along with his best friends, Josh and Caitlyn, are also in the slide show.

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